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Name development

– new name for your company

Anchored in the company’s strategy and values, I offer you a structured and creative process when developing names for your company or brand.
You can be creative when developing your company’s name. Maybe it is more appropriate that the name creates security. Or you may want the name to create understanding for what the company works with. These are some of the considerations I clarify with the customer before the development phase begins.
The creative name
Example: Wupti. The name implies that goods are delivered quickly. ‘W’ refers to the company being an online store.  That makes the name easy to remember.
The reliable name
When you use your own name, you vouch for your product and you will be perceived as honest and trustworthy.
Example: Ole Henriksen or A.P. Møller
Your company’s name communicates pragmatically and to the point what your company does.
Example:  Randers Tømmerhandel or Jens Pedersens Maskinfabrik
The descriptive name
United Shipping & Trading Company
AP Pension
Danske Bank
There are several ways besides the three listed above that lead to successful company names:
Arla: The Danish-Swedish dairywork’s name means ’early’ in Swedish and is the equivalent to the Danish ’årle.’ The name can be traced back to a Swedish farm named Stora Arla Gård.
IKEA: Put together from the founder’s name Ingvar Kamprad and the name of his hometown Elmtaryd Agunnaryd.
Apple: The company founder Steve Jobs worked on a farm in the 1970’s and that inspired him to call the company Apple. The first Macintosh computer got its name from the apple sort of the same name since this was the Head of Design’s favourite apple.
Keywords that describe a good company name:
  • Easily pronounced in many languages
  • Clear name with spelling as expected
  • Contains a melody or a phonetic characteristica
  • Creates a characteristic or beautiful graphic picture of a   word
  • Speaks to both mind and emotions
  • Available at .dk or .com
A name, logo design or the pay off of a logo should, in principle, be evaluated as a whole.
Design can make a creative name credible while pay off describes what the company does.
Gienova Automation
- provides consulting services and project-oriented solutions to the pharma industry in automation, IT, process and PCS validation.

- slush ice.

Frederiksbro is the name of a new neighborhood / neighborhood in Hillerød town center, where there will be approx. 4,000 people when it's done. In addition, I have developed names of roads, paths, bridges and more. inside the building. Construction is underway during 2018.

- is the name of an online marketing agency. The letter included a requirement that the name should be available on both .dk and .com

Free access to the best advice from companies successfully. Jump from idea to action and leverage their experience to grow your business.

Sales of copiers and accessories.

The name of a series of IT products under their own label, from the company Bridema.

Calisthenics Unity
- the name of an association of calisthenics practitioners. Sales of exercise programs and diet programs. Many millions of views and likes from Youtube and other SoMe.

Candy Joe
Online candy store. The letter included a requirement that the name should be available on both .dk and .com

Areas is the name of a cleaning company, focusing on washing and polishing of large industrial floors, which is why the name has relevance.

Nationwide service of statutory heat pump inspection.

Engineering with focus on the preparation of prototypes (simulations). The letter included a requirement that the name should be available on both .dk and .com

Ondo Connectivity
ONDO develops and manufactures wireless technology for controlling eg energy, lamps, alarms, electrical sockets, etc. in the global market. Ondo means "waves" in Esperanto.

Patent-registered drainage water collector collects the drainage water that arises in the concrete elements during the construction phase. Subsequently, the water finds its way down and out through the concrete ceilings. Therefore, drill a hole in the concrete duct, drain the duct for water and immediately put up a ceiling in a ceiling.

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